Yeah, so it’s a couple of weeks late. It’s not a resolution to stop procrastinating, so it doesn’t matter. Or, better late than never. Right?

Anyway, the resolution is to write for at least fifteen minutes a day here on this blog. I’ve already been able to use a post as fodder for an academic conversation, and I’ve just started writing here, so I figure if I do commit to searching out interesting stories and research to post about, I’ll have more to talk about IRL. The problem is, though, I don’t have a whole lot of colleagues to talk to IRL, which is one of the reasons why I’m currently in the Midwest doing the interview thing and not having the time to write any posts.

I generally make New Year’s resolutions three times a year. Once, at the actual beginning of the calendar, generally has to do with lifestyle kinds of things like exercising more, eating better, calling my friends and family more, etc., etc. I might actually stick with that second one in that I’ve been feeling for years that I should give up pop (yes, I’m from the Midwest; no, it’s not soda, it’s pop, darn it!) for purposes of reducing my sugar and caloric intake. But I’ve never cared about it enough. Now, having read that women who drink cola three times a week have a noticeable loss in bone density because of the carbonic acid in the cola, I’m thinking, “Bye bye Pepsi, it’s been nice knowing you…”

The second resolution comes at Lent, when I give up something like candy or pop or ice cream for 40 days, thinking it will change my eating habits enough that I’ll stay off it forever. Never happens. But one of the accomplishments I’m most proud of in my life is foregoing ice cream for Lent during the year in high school that I was working at Baskin-Robbins. Those little pink spoons are awfully hard to resist, and I am not exactly Ms. Willpower, so I’m still impressed I made it through.

Finally, I make a set of resolutions when the school year starts, since for all but seven years of my life, that’s been the real start of the year for me, not the calendar. Those are generally more associated with organization, dedicating time to writing and reading, etc., etc. None of these resolutions last any longer than the others; I’m more successful at Lent because of the spiritual motivation, but also because it’s a limited time period. The end is in sight, even when I’m just starting out. Trying to permanently change one’s behavior, however, is a different matter.

And…fifteen minutes are up!