So, it looks like SoCal is on its way to the driest winter ever, based on the current rainfall totals. Yet another example of the Mediterranean climate; after nearly breaking the record for the most rain in a winter a couple of years ago, now they’re on their way to breaking the record in the other direction. Gotta love that “average” rainfall.

Of course, this winter might just be a taste of things to come, as climatologists think we’ve been in an unusually wet period over the last century or so. As global weather patterns shift, SoCal could be looking at a lot less moisture, so that the small water districts that are able to use groundwater and snowmelt are going to have to rely on outside sources like the Colorado River or the L.A. Aqueduct, putting a tighter and tighter squeeze on those sources.

Makes me glad I’m probably moving back to the Midwest this year…