I’ve learned something about myself over the past year. I don’t talk much (which I already knew, because it goes a long way to explaining why I have so many talkative friends), but I never realized that it could be a professional detriment. I’m OK with asking questions, but I have a hard time volunteering information to start conversations. And I’m sure that must come across as dull and uninteresting in job interviews. Also, how am I supposed to network and get to know people at conferences if I can’t open my mouth? I just feel a lot of the time like I don’t have anything to say, anything to contribute. But that needs to change.

Which was one of the motivations for starting this blog in the first place. It also gets me to write a little bit every day, which is good, but more to the point, it should force me to frickin’ say something every day. I grew up in a family where we discussed our observations, our impressions, our descriptions–but rarely our opinions. As a result, I never got much practice in formulating an argument, something that has dogged me throughout my years of paper and article writing. So, now in Round 2 of the blog, here’s to finding something to say!